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  • Anne Chisom

    Anne Chisom

    Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.

  • Gina Denny

    Gina Denny

    B.S. Business/Human Resources M.S. in Child Development/Education. Associate editor for Touchpoint Press. Erstwhile classroom music teacher. Homeschooler.

  • Rachel Bridgers

    Rachel Bridgers

    Opinionated woman with a keyboard and internet access. Top writer in Feminism. https://linktr.ee/rachelbridgers

  • The Autlaw

    The Autlaw

    Sallie McNett Hunter (She/her. Ze/zir) is an autistic writer, advocate, and artist.

  • Alexandria Roswick

    Alexandria Roswick

    Top Writer in Feminism. Blogger for Say It Loud Space (UK). Trauma, relationships, and analysis of media and culture. https://linktr.ee/alexandriaroswick

  • Emily Verdoorn

    Emily Verdoorn

    Entrepreneur, mental health advocate, woman in recovery. Shining light on all parts of the human experience. We are in this together. www.therecoveryroad.com

  • Scott Stockdale

    Scott Stockdale

    Host of Entrepreneurs Can Party πŸŽ‰ Get my FREE Proposal Template to win your first client β†’ scottstockdale.co.uk/proposal πŸŽ‰ scott@entrepreneurscanparty.com

  • Ev Chapman

    Ev Chapman

    I help part-time creators build a personal (eco)system for note-taking, content creation & managing their creator world.

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