It Makes Sense That Nothing Makes Sense

Our priorities are shifting, because they should.

Deepti Kannapan
2 min readJul 1, 2022
Illustration by the author

Does everything seem different to you? When did that happen? The world has been changing continuously but we hadn’t updated our picture of it. Like that baby-faced ID photo that looks nothing like us now.

Everything is confusing, but that didn’t just happen. It had been getting more confusing over time. The changes were just under the threshold of being noticeable. Today it crossed the threshold; we noticed.

And when I say the world looks different, I mean us, too. We’re in it, and changed as well.

That’s where the trail starts. To solve the mystery, we follow the breadcrumb trail back in time. Sifting through memories, looking for clues.

When was the last memory where things made sense?

Oh. Really? Then why did we think they did? Were we crazy then or now?

A few changes stand out in the whirl of memories. Oh, that’s where our old system first started showing cracks. And here’s when it fell apart. Oh, that’s what we were missing.

It makes sense that nothing makes sense.

Time to to build a new map. It’ll still be fractured in places, but good enough to see us through — enough to rebuild the…



Deepti Kannapan

Painter, occasional cartoonist, aerospace engineer. Writes about sustainable technology, creativity, and journaling.