My Sustainability Reading Project Refined My Research Process

So the next one should be even better

Deepti Kannapan
4 min readApr 17, 2022


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

From January to March 2022, I set myself a sustainability reading project, to read and blog about all the foundational climate change texts that I thought I’d need to fluently understand the latest news in the field, and to identify opportunities to get involved.

As of mid April, I can say that my reading project is finally done! Or at least, the ‘reading’ part of the reading project. The associated blog posts will continue to come out as I finish them.

Here is the list of materials I planned to read:

So how did I do? Well, I managed to read all the materials I’d set for myself, except the two I wanted to reread. When I was running short on time, I decided it was better to forge ahead than retread old ground.

Shockingly, I also finished up my project approximately on time. Unheard of.

I ended up cramming a lot of them toward the end, and that was fun in its own way.

I’ve got a bit of a process going:

  • first I skim everything,
  • then I load the reports onto my tablet.
  • I read a report and mark it with a stylus while dictating a voice memo with my real-time reactions,
  • transcribe the reactions using a transcription program,
  • paste a bunch of quotes from the report into my notes,
  • and then write the post about it.

Which sounds complicated, now that I’ve written it down. But it isn’t, really, it just lets me do a lot of different modes of learning — visual, auditory, etc., at once.



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