On World Refill Day 2023, Let’s Strategize

It’s on Friday, June 16th.

Deepti Kannapan


Photo by Nik on Unsplash

I learned recently that this Friday is World Refill Day.

We can all use the day being on the calendar as a reason to think and talk about refillable containers. Preventing pollution from disposable packaging is a worthy problem, and thinking about it at the same time makes climate action more effective.

Let’s take the opportunity to strategize. We’ll need to in order to build a habit and culture of using reusable containers (for carrying water to drink, buying coffee, and taking to bulk stores to fill with food or cleaning products).

We need to work against the typical hurried lifestyle that society pushes us toward.

As we experiment with the habit of carrying our own containers around, we can identify the snags that get in our way and problem-solve around them. And better yet, share our findings with others who are trying the same thing.

Here are some prompts for you to reflect on how to make reusables a bigger part of all our lives.

Figure out your reusable container logistics

As I wrote in How Do We Increase Adoption of Reusable Coffee Cups?

Let’s think through the logistics of having a reusable mug handy when you need it. There are a few different actions you would need to add to your day:

- (Remember to) pack your cup before heading out for coffee.

- Ask the barista to serve the coffee in your own cup.

- (Remember to) bring your cup back in the house.

- Put the cup into your dishwashing workflow (either the dishwasher or hand-washing).

- (Literally) rinse and repeat.

These actions can become part of your routine if you identify cues for or schedule each of these steps into your week.

Find stores that will refill your container

You can look up package-free stores for food or supplies near you that let you bring and refill your own container with their goods.



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