Researching to Find My Place in the Climate Movement

How I’m planning my research deep-dive for the quarter

Deepti Kannapan
5 min readFeb 17, 2022


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I’m told it’s 2022 already (what! it’s FEBRUARY?), and I’m planning a major push to deepen my climate change education.

Though I’ve been interested in environmental matters since childhood, I only started trying to stay informed about the climate space recently. I want to build a strong foundation from scratch and learn all the relevant concepts, news developments, and terminology.

Words and phrases like Paris Agreement, Green New Deal, and COP26 go by in the headlines, I do my best to keep up with the developments, but I also like to go deeper after the fact. Reading the original agreements and reports can be fun because:

A] It makes me feel cool.

B] I’m looking for opportunities to get involved, and I want to know what initiatives are likely to come down the pike.

C] I want the complete picture, not just the parts that get the most circulation.

Here is where I’m collecting the past research I’ve done related to climate change and sustainability.

I have a huge stack of reports I want to get through, all downloaded onto my tablet and ready to mark up, and newer reports keep coming out as soon as I’m about to catch up! So the next couple of months are going to be a big push.

How I’m Accelerating my Research Process

The main improvement I’m making is to plan out my research a bit more.

First I selected the documents I’d like to read.

  1. The UNEP Emissions Gap report, which was mentioned in a lot of the COP26 coverage I read. (If you are wondering what COP26 is, it was a UN meeting regarding climate change that occurred in November 2021. I wrote about it here.) It outlines how far short we are currently falling in meeting our climate targets.
  2. The initiatives that came out of COP26.
  3. The Taking Stock 2021 report, which assesses the outlook for US greenhouse gas emissions each year.
  4. An HBR article about…



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